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Autonomous Driving – The User Perspective

Autonomous Driving (AD) is said to be THE next big disruptive innovation in the years to come. HYVE Science Labs, in cooperation with the Institute of Innovationmarketing at Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and INSIUS have developed the unique worldwide study “Autonomous Driving: The User Perspective” focused on the customer view and acceptance of Autonomous Driving. The study analyses 106,305 comments on Autonomous Driving publicly posted in English on the Internet, finding a more positive than negative attitude towards this new technology in contrast to the most renowned surveys in the field. The focus was placed in the understanding of customer acceptance, a topic that until now under an Autonomous Driving context is limited. While a survey with more than 200 experts on autonomous vehicles by the IEEE (2014), the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, defines that the three biggest obstacles to reach the mass adoption of driverless cars are legal liability, policymakers and customer acceptance.

Here you can download the study “Autonomous Driving – the User Perspective”.





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